Monday, April 9, 2007

A nice email we received today!

I was reading a cycling magazine review of mid priced carbon hoops and afterwards I felt compelled to write you. Granted I was comparing apples to oranges, but I can only imagine that the Carbon wheelset you now offer is even a better deal.

In terms of performance, weight and above all price, the Williams 19 wheelset has me thinking ‘carbon is so dated’. Few things seem to be ‘as advertised’, but I can truly state that the Williams 19 wheelset is the ‘put the hurt on ‘em’ wheelset.

Performance – spools up quickly for sprints and hill climbing. Impervious to crosswinds.

Price - $550 for wheelset, pads, hub, skewers, tires (love those Columbiers!) and tubes!

Thanks again for my ‘secret weapon’ (I have been spreading the word at the expense of revealing my ace in the hole!).

D. A. N.