Monday, June 18, 2007

Hernandez, Gil, Dibble, Hamblin and McRae

Tour de Nez Booth Picture
10,000 fans line the streets for this downtown Reno Crit

What a weekend of racing.

Mike Hernandez - the legend grows
Mike was testing the 30's for me this weekend.
Folsom 35's: 1st
Folsom p1/2: 2nd
Nev City 35's: 1st

Andres Gil: For those not familiar with the Tour de Nez, let me say this. It is one of the hardest criterium races in the country. Typically, the field will reduce from 100+ to less than 30 within 15 minutes and less than 20 by then end. It is that hard....single file with not one place to recover. One word: BRUTAL. Andres put on one of the most inspiring solo attacks I have seen. At the half way point, Andres attacked the front group of 11 to solo away for 20 minutes only to go again when caught for two more laps. Multi World and National Masters racers in the 10 man break could not bring him back. I was in awe! Andres was on the Williams 30's.

Tyler Dibble: Tour de Nez Pro race. Tyler, racing for DBC Elite mixed it up with the top Pro's at Nez to the end. Once again, Tyler showed is tough man spring classic style riding. .I guess I don't have to tell you how hard this race is...ask anyone who has done it! Tyler was on the Williams 30x's.

Jon Hamblin: Jon races for Manulife/Jack Kane Pro
Cycling and took 2nd place Crystal City Classic NRC race.
Jon was on a combo Williams 30 front/19 rear.
Jen McRae: Another big win at the AT&T Austin crit. Can you say "Superstar"