Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Happy Camper!

July 24
One race on the 19's...one win on the 19's. The acceleration in the final sprint was amazing...when I looked back as I approaced the line and the closest rider was about 50 feet behind me! I've got about 350 miles on the wheels already and I'm super happy with them...you've got a great product here for sure!


July 2nd
I've received the wheels and early indications are fantastic! The 19's corner like they're on rails! No noticeable flex whatsoever! The acceleration is also amazing...the difference between these wheels and my previous set (Mavic Equipe's) is remarkable! I'm heading out tomorrow on a hilly 100 mile ride and will hopefully see an improvement in my climbing abilities :) The real test will happen next week in a crit on Thursday.