Friday, July 6, 2007

Email from an athlete regarding the 19's

I got the 19’s on Tuesday, and I just happened to have a half day off of work, so I mounted up the tires and put on a cassette so I could take them out on my usual Tuesday group ride. That is the perfect baseline, as I’ve ridden the same route literally hundreds of times. I’ve been using a set of Campy Protons for quite a while; durable and reasonably light wheels. I was curious to see how your wheels felt. While mounting up the tires, it was evident that these puppies are light.

So, in a word, WOW.

Two things really stood out to me:
1. The wheels really roll. I think that must be due to the ceramic bearings. On a slight downhill, the wheels gather speed quickly. I had to ride the brakes to avoid running over my buddy, and he and I weigh the same.
2. The wheels accelerate like nobody’s business. The way these things spin up to speed is simply amazing. Just a little punch, and the bike literally leaps forward. I look forward to using them in a criterium.

So, I’ll be telling my buddies and my teammates about the wheels, but I’m not sure I want my competition to know. I’ll email you again after I take them up Salmon Falls Road .