Monday, April 7, 2008

$7,500 Prize Money for the Martinez P/1/2...Yeah Baby!

It's funny how a $7,500 Purse will bring out the wild side in Nor Cal Crit Racing. Fast, furious and dangerous! That's the way they want it...that's the way they get it! You have to love the entertainment value of a 75 minutes full throttle, strung out, in the gutter aggressive race.

Pre race pics

Bob Newman put in tons of work at the front controlling the race for Pacific State Bank....dude is strong!

The recently "geeked out" Williams Ride

Big Power Shawn Rosenthal with the new Z-teaM Pro Cycling

Todd Hennings has been in every major move this year. He has a BIG ENGINE and proves it week in and week out! He is an animal!

Adam Switters brought up 4 of his Rock Racing crew from So Cal to take their share of the money.