Friday, May 23, 2008

Off to the Tour of Pennsylvania

Well, it looks like I will be off to the Tour of Pennsylvania with the VMG/Felt squad. I will supporting the director, Chann McRae. In other words, I drive the van and pull the trailer :(

We have a great line up of young talent....a bunch of climbers and the King, Daniel "Hollywood" Holloway. The race looks pretty tough. I think if we can get Daniel over the hills he will win every sprint to the line. If not, we some serious climbers on the team, so all is good.

It's always fun working a big time race. Lots of laughs and serious gut checks on the bike. You will see the future warriors on two wheels at this race.

Keep an eye on Tyler Dibble of Giant Strawberry. Dude is as mentally tough as they come. The harder the better for Tyler. He will die before he quits. Reminds me of Chann McRae. To this day, Chann will die before he gives up. That's what it takes to be a champion, and Chann was a great American Champion.