Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Filming the Tour of California Stages.

Yikes, I am tired. Damain Gonzales and I have been traveling around Northern California since Sunday filming the climbs of the TOC. We are taking turns climbing and filming. We have completed the Prolog and 3 stages.

So far the race is very hilly with three 15 minute climbs and lots of rollers on stage 1, two 30 minute climbs and three short climbs on stage 2 and then the mother of all "Climbs that SUCK" on stage 3. That's correct, Sierra Grade SUCKS. That is such a hard/steep climb. I did the climb today and cracked 1 mile into the 3.6 mile climb. The only saving grace is that it is relatively short at 3.6 miles. It is the steepest climb I have ever been on.
Stage 4 looks hilly and we plan to ride it tomorrow with a couple domestic pros who are scouting the course for their TOC bid. Then off to stage 7 and 8. Stage 7 looks hilly but managable. Stage 8 will put riders DEEP INTO THE HURT BOX. The real question is, will the race be over by the last stage.

We will produce 10 to 15minute videos of each stage when done. They will be on the Williams Cycling front page around the 15 of Jan for all to see.