Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gearing up for the TOC with Garmin

Matt White (Whitey) after flying to the the US from Austrailia. No sleep in 24 hours. Still made me laugh for 3 hours while following the guys....funny Aussie.
The guys riding the back roads of Sacramento

Crazy day. Here was my schedule...
  • Pick up Chann McRae (Garmin director sportiff and my old coach) at 6:30am
  • Drive to Mixed Martial Arts Class with Chann (by the way, Chann is crazy and does this MMA stuff) I enjoyed watching the hour workout...tough stuff but right up Chann's ally. Chann is a scrappy dude.
  • Go back to the team Hotel and have breakfast with the riders and support staff.
  • Prepare for a 3 hour ride and visit friends.
  • Ride with Chann and Matt White in the follow vehicle. Matt literally just got off the plane for Austrailia, caught a ride to the hotel and jumped into the car with us. He has not slept in 24 hours.
  • Follow the boys around for three hours. Got a chance to watch the master Alan Lim do the final touch ups on the guys. Alan has this training thing down to a science and takes his work very seriously.
  • Get back to the hotel in Sacramento and I bug out to the Williams shop to build a couple sets of Powertap wheels.
  • Go home to the family.
  • Sleepy time!