Sunday, March 22, 2009

The boys are ready!

Rand Miller still sporting the Irish leprechaun look. Dude can lay down the power. That's my bike hanging on the tent behind. You would think since I own the company I would be riding the "bling - bling" wheels. Nope, I train and race on the 30's.

Ted Huang's Redlands bike. Ted will be sporting some prototype carbon hoops for Redlands. I'll have three riders on prototypes at the race.

The boys warming up for a local crit last Saturday. They slayed um. Rand and Brian Bucholz taking 1 & 2 off the front, while Ryan Parnes wins the field sprint. Ted Haung, James Badia, Greg Gomez and Matt Beebe covered every move from the field.
Next up, Redlands!