Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adam Myerson...gotta love him!

So, my cyclo-cross sponsored athlete Adam Myerson seems to be going well early this year....what a surprise.

Adam finished off a very busy cross season (North America and Europe) by getting in his car and heading to Tucson, AZ for base miles in Jan. I'm thinking to myself "Adam is hitting it early this year" After tons of base miles, Adam is off to North Carolina for early season camp with his new team Mountain Khakis. More miles and miles. He gets home and wins his first two races. BIG SURPRISE...NOT. Then off to a circuit race last weekend for a close 3rd place finish (photo below) You gotta love a guy who walks the walk. We all know how hard this sport is. When a guy puts in the time and effort, he deserves the rewards.

I built a couple sets of powertap wheels for him this year. I think he likes them. Nothing like a reality check with power data. No excuses with power. You know if you have it or you don't.

1. Ted KING Cervelo Test Team 1:28:14.762
2. TIM JOHNSON UCI CT OUCH 1:28:14.773
3. Adam MYERSON Team Mountain Khakis 1:28:14.79