Monday, April 13, 2009

Copperopolis Road Race - A California Classic

Copperopolis is a classic Road Race in Northern California. 105 miles. 5 laps, each consiting of 26 miles . The course consists of a 3 mile and 1 mile climb per lap. However, it's the horrible condition of the pavement that has built the true "Cobbles of Nor Cal" reputation. That's right, just getting to the finish with your teeth in mouth is half the victory.

This year's race was great. We can always count on Levi Leipheimer and his friend Scott Nydam to show if they are both in the States. Plus, handful of other top climbing goats from California always make the trip to Copperopolis interesting.

1 78 Benjamin JACQUES-MAYNES 23057 UCI CT: Bissell Pro Cycling Team
2 130 scott nydam 205020 BMC Pro Cycling Team
3 87 Andy JACQUES-MAYNES 17590 UCI CT: Bissell Pro Cycling Team
4 100 fabrice dubost 280966 Webcor/Alto Velo
5 102 Nathaniel English 258309 ZteaM
6 85 Daniel HOLLOWAY 181725 VMG-FELT
7 72 James MATTIS 127344 California Giant Berry Farms/S
8 114 Christopher Jones 187300 Team Type 1
9 124 Dan Martin 179386 Safeway/Bicycle Plus
10 137 sam pickman 133433 Specialized
11 134 Ryan Parnes 220414 Webcor/Alto Velo
12 117 Justin Laue 264982 ZteaM
13 116 Peter Latham NZ703141 Bissell Pro Cycling Team
14 127 Jesse Moore 204739 California Giant -Specialized
15 74 Andres GIL 171882 Pacific State Bank Cycling Team

Webcor's Bo, Jeff and Billy waiting for the start

Scott Nydam, Ozzy Olmos and a third rider attack within a couple hundred meters from the start. Scott stayed away all day...a monster effort.

Ryan Parnes (Webcor) settling in the group after the two laps. Behind Ryan to the right is BP from Webcor.
Fabrice Dubost (Webcor )was incredibly strong. Notice the Williams 38mm carbon tubulars.

4th lap, Levi (Astana) leads Chris Jones (Team Type 1) through the feedzone.

With Nydam and Ben JACQUES-MAYNES up the rode, the remaing group tried to work together. Half way through the 4th lap, all cards were put on the table when Fabrice Dubost attacked. The remaing 10 riders looked at Levi....Levi looked at them and all realized Levi would not cross the gap to Fabrice because his good Friend Scott Nydam was up the rode. This was a sign for the remaing strong riders to attack and get up the road without fear Levi would follow. On the fifth lap, up the 3 mile climb, Fabrice and James Mattis (current National Elite Road Champion) attacked the remaing 10 riders. Levi would not follow so Nate English and Andy JACQUES-MAYNES rolled off in persuit.

Andy, Fabric and James are together and Nate is just crossing to get on the back. 1/2 lap to go.

Above, Andy has attacked up the last 1 mile climb and Fabrice, Nate and James are chasing. Andy would stay away for 3rd. I feel bad for James, He flatted with 2 miles to the line. A bummer considering his super effort all day long. Fabrice rolled in for 4th, Nate 5th and James 7th with Daniel "Hollywood" Holloway getting 6th.

Ben JACQUES-MAYNES and Scott Nydam coming into the finish. Ben won the sprint. I'm sure both were cooked after being off the front most of the day. Hands down a very impressive effort by both men.