Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow! Can I come out and play now?

Crazy time of the year. Athletes coming and going...working on projects for the future and busy getting wheel systems out the door. All in all, I would not have it any other way!!

First, check out this video link of Craif Falk wining the sprint from the far right. I love the way he used everyone up and then picked off the win. Craig races Williams Wheels.

In terms of sales, Williams is really catching on. In a nut shell, we are hitting the ball out of the park. I think our "direct to consumer model" is catching on. This gives me the opportunity to give back to the greatest sport in the world. This summer, I will ship Ryan Parnes and Fred Stamm around the country racing bikes at the Pro/1 level and displaying Williams Wheels. I am working out the details now but look for our wheel display at your local, state and national level races. I also plan to fly out to a few races and work the booth myself.
Below is a picture of our new tire and tube package. I went ultra lite with the tires and tubes. They totally rock if you are looking for low rotational weight clinchers and tubes. Details up on the website soon!