Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had a blast at the Fitchburg Classic!

Andres Gil and I went back to the Fitchburg Stage Race last week. Chris Fisher and David Ricklefs met us at the hotel. We hooked up with the Williams Cycling New England race team. The Williams team consits of 11 great people who love to race their bikes and have a great time. We all raced a variety of categories. I must say, we did great! Great results and tons of fun. We all represented Williams Cycling well. In the end, it's about having a great time, racing bikes, lots of laughs and memories. I know we all look forward to the next stage race.

Andres Gil (above), Chris Fisher and a third rider put 7.23 minutes into the field on the road stage. A true breakaway of awesome power. Andres was an animal!!!

Beth Saman in the road race. These Williams ladies are strong!

Katherine Rodrique keeps an eye on the competition after the steep climb

This is my reverse attack! Some may attack off the front...not me. I say, go off the back fast and hard!!! I suffered on the road stage.

The Clapper kids. They saved us in the feed zone. Gotta love these kids.

Gerry "the lung" Clapper. This guy can climb!!! Clark Kent during the day! A wild climbing animal on the road! Top 10 on GC for Gerry!

Chris Petrillo and Rich Grant leading the field up the steep climb and into the feed zone. Man, this was a hard road race!

The team gets together before the road race!

Team dinner! A great bunch of people. I had a blast for sure! BTW, the guy in the back/middle with the crazy hair...Stamm Dance!

Chris Fisher,1st on GC. Andres Gil, 3rd on GC and the points jersey! The masters team had a great race. Four in the top ten on GC.

Chris Fisher, Pat McHardy, Andres Gil and Gerry Clapper get a call up to start the final crit stage. (Chris Fisher is on some secret prototype full carbon tubulars. Let's just say this...if you have ever wanted to race ultra light full carbon tubulars at less then $1,000 per set, your day is coming!) As Chris would say "the best wheels I have ever ridden" From a guy who raced Pro with Saturn Pro Cycling for years!!! BTW, that's our buddy Ed Beamon next to Andres! Great guy! Was the director of Navigators for many years. Ed knows how to race a bike!!!