Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Metromint San Francisco GP Pro/1/2

Sterling Magnell in the Williams kit and on the 58 carbon clinchers.

The Cal Cup / season finale came down to The Metromint San Francisco GP. Fabrice Dubost took the win followed by Sterling Magnell. Sterling was sporting the Williams kit "thanks Sterling".
Four of the top six athletes were racing on Williams Wheels:
1st: Fabrice Dubost -38 carbon tubulars
2nd: Sterling Magnell - 58 carbon clinchers
5th: Ryan Parnes - 58 carbon tubulars
6th: Judd Van Sickle - 30's

Fabrice Dubost and Jared Barrilleaux create the break of the day taking it almost to the line.
P/1/2 Results. Sterling racing for Williams Wheels