Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ryan Parnes....YIKES

Ryan Parnes is off to Austrailia. In fact, he got there today. Thanks to the great JONO (Bissell team mechanic and all-around great guy) Ryan has a home for the next couple months as he races down under. I hope he has the time of his life and races hard. Here's to wishing he comes back to the states with a pro contract in hand!
Ryan, center, in a break a couple weeks back in the Caribbeans. Ryan finished 4th overall in this tour. He probably would have won the overall if it were not for an untimely mechanical. RYAN ROCKS THE WILLIAMS 58 TUBULARS!

Ryan wins the Caribbean criterium. Not sure which race this was...he raced on the islands for three weeks, so I could not keep up with all his races. One thing for sure, they will remember the big American who rocked the Islands in 2009.