Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jones, Myerson, Keough and Maile.

Chris Jones, above, works his way through the traffic on lap one of the NorCal/Nevada District Championships. Chris went from last to first on the first lap...WOW. Chris races on 38's, 58's and CYCLO-CROSS wheels

Adam had a great weekend at BayState Cross going 6th and 8th over the weekend. Adam is on the Williams CYCLO-CROSS wheels. BTW, I think Adam is the most knowledgeable cyclo-cross coach in North America. Few have his experience, intellect and talent.
Luke Keough has been confirming his U23 leadership in the Verge Series. Luke is only 19 and consistently busts top 5's and 10's in C1, C2 and C3 UCI cross events. I am proud of the way this kid is riding. Luke races on our 38's. Look for Luke to bust a top 3 at U23 Cross Nationals.
Rich Maile, what can I say. This guy is a legend in cross. He won today's 45+A District Championships today....on a single speed! OUCH. It was not a single speed race. This guy knows what he is doing when it comes to Cross. And yes, his jersey says "Team Beer". At least he has his priorities right.