Monday, December 7, 2009

Adam Myerson, Chris Jones, Rich Maile and Luke Keough...They Just Keep on ROCKING!

Adam Myerson goes 2nd on day 1 and 3rd on day 2 at NBX Grand Prix. Luke Keough goes 5th on day 1 and 6th on day 2 at NBX Grand Prix. Luke wins overall U23 Verge Series Title. Chris Jones goes 6th on day 1 and 8th on day 2 at USGP Portland. Rich Maile goes 3rd on day 1 and 1st on day 2 single speed at USGP Portland.

Chris Jones racing in the front group on Sunday in Portland (38 Tubies and CX Wheels),

Adam Myerson leads the pro race through the sand at NBX Grand Prix (CX WHEELS)
Luke Keough, on his way to the U23 Verge series overall win at NBX Grand Prix. (38 Tubies)