Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lang Twins Cross Race - This Sunday!

LANG TWINS CROSS!! Wine Tasting and RACING make a Great Combo!

The holidays are coming up quick and they aren’t pulling any punches either… you might be thinking it’s time to hang up your cyclocross bike and get back to your ‘regular’ life. Think again! The fourth race of the Sac CX series is guaranteed to feature a great atmosphere and stiff competition. We will be at a brand new venue and can’t be more excited about it. The Lange Twins Winery (located in Lodi) is set to continue Sac CX’s tradition of top-notch courses and excellent racing. Speaking of racing, in many of the categories the battles for the series omnium are seriously heating up with an outcome which could be determined by one false (or fierce) move. http://sacramentocx.com/

Video of the Lang Twins Facility

Map of Lang Twins Facility