Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jeremaih Wiscovitch leads Williams into 2010

Jeremiah Wiscovitch will lead the Williams Elite Cycling team in 2010. Jeremiah, pictured in the Williams Elite team kit below, will manage and lead an impressive line up of athletes racing for Williams in 2010. These athletes include:

Jeremiah Wiscovitch: 2009 SoCal Best all around. Current State road race champion
Kyle Gritters: past U23 national criterium champion
Curtis Gunn: current 30 - 35 World record holder - 1 hour track
Brandon Gritters: past state criterium champion
Joshua Webster: perennial powerhouse
Nate Diebler: Big engine with great closing speed

Jeremiah, known for his explosive sprint, will lead this team as they race major criterium races around the country in 2010. Jeremiah is a favorite to win the 2010 US Elite Criterium Championships.