Tuesday, March 23, 2010

San Dimas Stage Race

The Elite Team raced well at San Dimas. Daniel Ramsey put forth a huge effort by launching off the front of the pelaton with two laps to go at the Circuit race and was caught only with a half a lap to go. Impressive power by Daniel. Kyle Gritters finished 7th at the Criterium and Jeremiah Wiscovitch finished 15th. Williams Cycling placed the top two elite (non pro) riders in the criterium.
Williams Cycling P/B SC Velo gets a team call up prior to the start for the Criterium

Bikes getting ready for the Criterium

Kyle Gritters pinning on the numbers prior to the TT

Jeremiah Wiscovitch ready to start the uphill TT.

Curtis Gunn ready to start the uphill TT.