Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update from Williams Elite Rider Daniel Ramsey

Daniel is back east racing speedweek.

Day 1: Computrainer Challange, GA April 23
Day 2: Athens Twilight Crit, GA April 24
Day 3: Historic Roswell Crit, GA April 25,
Day 4: Beaufort Memorial Crit, SC April 27,
Day 5: Walterboro Crit, SC April 28,
Day 6: Spartanburg Classic, SC April 30,
Day 7: Dilworth Crit, NC May 1,
Day 8: Global BMW Crit, GA May 2,

On day one, the computrainer challenge....placed 5th in the finals. There were a good number of spectators and the challenge was a way to get a good starting position.

Day two was the Athens Twilight and it was raining from the start. I had a good starting position but wasn't so good in the rain and had to call it a day early on.

Day three was Roswell. I had bad starting position and it took me a bit to get up front. I was able to get off the front for a couple of laps but the sprinters teams decided to keep things together and Ken Hanson took a well deserved victory.

Day four was on Tuesday after a rest day. It was the Beaufort crit and you needed good starting position to keep out of trouble. I lined up 25 minutes before the start and got a second row starting position. I was active and got 3rd in the mid race sprint. I missed the break but was top 25 in the field sprint for a little bit of money.

Day five was Walterboro. It was one of the fastest crits I have done in a long time and I was struggling with the speed a bit. I tried to bang bars for the sprint but I had some trouble with the speed and couldn't move up.