Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come on, be Social!

It's fun to have a cycling company. Everyone who works here at Williams loves to ride, and if we're not in the office making the magic happen we're out riding, racing or slashing up trails. It's cool that our passion is our work, and it's fun to have sweet gear and the time to ride it. But the best part of working at a cycling company is that we make products that people ride on, race on, and win on.

It's a fun and challenging process to design and create products that we believe in, but it's you, the rider, that really makes them special. A wheelset is just so much engineered carbon until it makes its way to you, and that's when the magic happens. When you pull a set of our wheels out of the box for the first time, put them on your bike, and go for a ride those wheels go from being a part on a bike to being a part of a story: your story.

Whether you use our wheels to hammer on the local group ride, explore new scenic routes, or compete in an NRC stage race we're part of your adventure, and we want to hear about it. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our products put to good use, so we want to encourage you to head on over to our Facebook page to post photos and videos and tell us about how our products are playing a part in your riding and racing.

And, in case you needed a little extra motivation, if you like our Facebook page by Friday Nov. 4th you'll be entered to win a set of Williams Cyclocross wheels. Pretty sweet, huh?

But while you're over there liking our page to win wheels, why not post a picture or two? It doesn't matter if it's a photo of your victory salute at an NRC crit, a great vista at the summit of a climb or just how slick our wheels look on your rig, we love it all. So come on, be social, and let us know how we're part of your story.