Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wheel Tech: The Next Generation

We've just released updated models of our alloy clinchers and BOY are they sweet. We're using the same bomb-proof niobium alloy rims, and keeping the same slick decals, but from the rim in everything has been redesigned.

We started by radically chagning our hubs. The new Six-Sixty hubs feature a six pawl, sixty ratchet freehub mechanism that reduces engagement time. Push on the pedals and the freehub engages almost instantly. We've managed to keep tall, wide hub flanges for strength and stiffness, but we've machined out the rear hub to lower the weight. To top it all off, these hubs feature our high quality hybrid ceramic bearings for that low rolling resistance that keeps you cruising all day.

The overall weight of the wheelsets drops dramatically with the upgrade to Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Widely considered to be the best spokes in the industry, the CX-Ray is not only lighter than traditional spokes, it's also more aerodynamic. With these premium spokes you get a big reduction in weight, and a vast increase in performance.
When you put all the pieces together you get some of the nicest alloy clinchers on the market, offered at a direct to consumer price and backed by the legendary Williams customer service. Hard to beat.

System 19: 1353g  $569

System 30: 1495   $549

System 30X: 1548   $559