Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sponsored Athlete Picture Time - Cross Racing 11/1/ - 11/2

Adam Myerson went well at Cycle-Smart International. Adam is the President of Cycle-Smart, which sponsored this weekends UCI cross racing in the North East. Adam went two top ten's for the weekend.

Amy Dombrowski leads the group in Colorado at the North American Trophy Series. Amy is currently wearing the series leaders jersey.

Amy powering forward on Wheel System 58's.

OK, it's time I say what I have been thinking over the last few weeks "RACHAEL LLOYD IS BAD ASS! This lady keeps delivering every time she hops on a bike. A pair of 2nd's this weekend in Colorado at the North American Trophy Series!

Anna Milkowski gets a great start as Cycle-Smart International. Anna is 4th from the left in the Velo Bella kit.