Monday, July 11, 2011

What a Crazy Few Months

First, a big congratulations to Exergy Pro Cycling for getting an invite into the US Pro Challange stage race in Colorado. Josh will be there as a mechanic and I will be there to display our wheels.

Results from our sponsored athletes have been nothing short of amazing. I am so proud to be part of this industry and helping these athletes realize their dreams.

Sales have continued to be off the charts. We are also getting better control of our inventory due to our ramped up forecasting. We hope to do a much better job keeping inventory in stock.

We are looking for one or two top 10 ranked North American pro tri-athletes to sponsor. Pass the word if you know one of these athletes.

Josh has been rocking neutral the last few months. He will be busy over the next few months as a mechanic for Exery at Boise, Cascade and Colorado. He will work for USA Cycling at Tour of Utah. A big thanks to Josh for all his hard work at Williams.

We plan to launch a new product line this fall. I have some great people around me packaging this product line up. More info to follow.

We have our cross Tubies in stock. I figure in a couple more weeks, these things will fly out the door. Even though we have doubled our forecasting model, we will probably sell out by Nov.

Keith Williams.