Monday, September 26, 2011

There is Justice in the Universe

Take a moment and drink this in...

Rand Miller
2011 California State Criterium Champion

© Eye Times Photography, Étienne Fontan
Anyone who's ever been to a bike race in NorCal (and a lot of people who haven't) know Rand from his, shall I say, effusive cheering, his ridiculous blog, and his no-holds-barred racing style. Rand attacks so much that we've considered asking Webcor to get him a custom red jersey, because the odds are no matter what race he's at he'll be the most combative rider. Rand is not satisfied until a race has been blown to peices, and no NorCal breakaway is complete without him. 

Sometimes his unbridled aggression on the bike can shout down his more strategic inclinations, and while most would be thrilled to have raged their way onto the podium on dozens of occasions, Rand only has eyes for the top step. This past Sunday he ascended to it.

Battling a stacked field that included former Criterium National Champion Rahsaan Bahati, the Cuban Missile Ivan Dominguez, and dozens of other pros, mercenaries and hitmen, Rand blasted out of the field with 8 laps to go and never looked back. There is no feeling more satisfying in cycling than crossing the line with arms aloft in victory, and to have the field battling for second behind you in soft focus is icing on the cake. 

Rand Miller has been a Williams Sponsored Athlete for years now, and we're proud to support such a bright and talented rider, and all around great guy. We're pleased as punch over here at Williams Cycling that our wheels rolled across that line first, but we may have had an even larger impact on Rand's race. 

It turns out our very own Josh Geiszler was over at the race doing neutral support and he had the magic touch.

Rand didn't have anything wrong with his bike, so in lieu of any repairs Josh lovingly caressed it for a few minutes and then sent Rand on his way. Needless to say Josh called it, and Rand snatched the crowd prime on the way to launching his winning attack. To me this feat of bike magic is almost as impressive as the win itself, and we're considering hiring Josh out to pet contender's bikes before championship events. 

But even if you can't afford to hire Josh for your next race think about tossing on some Williams wheels. I mean, hey, they're the wheel of choice for Rand Miller, PhD Chemist, blogger extraordinaire and the 2011 State Criterium Champion. Congrats Rand!